Welcome to Logmech

Logmech is a thriving forestry company based at Kwambonambi, Northern KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

One of the first companies, in the region, to introduce mechanical harvesting as an alternative to manual operations, Logmech not only leveled the playing field in the forestry industry, but is the main competitor in the business.

Their expertise, and experience is backed by the tough, durable SP Maskiner harvesting heads, from Sweden as well as the wide range of purpose built forestry machines, manufactured by TimberPro, USA – which has made Logmech one of the most respected, international forestry companies in South Africa.

Logmech is the local agent for SP Maskiner, Sweden, and is at the forefront with their focus on the robust and powerful SP 861 harvester head and the high speed, powerhouse for extreme jobs, the SP 591 LX harvester head. Both designs are strong and durable with maximum reliability and productivity under the toughest conditions.

Gaining the contract from TimberPro, USA, as the sole, local agent in South Africa to import an extensive range purpose built forestry machines, consisting of wheeled and tracked harvesters, feller bunchers and forwarders, that are highly versatile and capable of contending with terrain and steep slopes - proves that Logmech is a never-ending sphere of initiative, optimization, drive and vision.

Logmech has more than 20 years of experience in the forestry industry and with the combined driving force of the brothers, Tickey and Leon van Eeden, Logmech is a competitive, evolving company which not only delivers a premier standard of equipment, but also extensive experience with product support and optimization that is a cut above the rest.